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New Internet Filter Updates 

Test with Homestead High School students last night was unsuccessful. SACS is cutting ties with iBoss and will have a new internet filter in place as soon as possible. A new filter will be ordered in the morning with the expectation the new hardware will arrive Monday morning. CMT will work to get it setup and configured as quick as possible. Thanks for your patience in this long process of troubleshooting iBoss. Contractual obligations required us to provide adequate time for iBoss to fix their solution. That time has passed so we are moving forward. Please continue to read this post for updated information. 

Testing last night with some students using the new filter was successful. Internet speeds were back to normal and similar speed as if no filter was being used. 

We will be testing more students tonight with instructions being emailed to those students. If that is successful we will likely install the new filter onto all Homestead student laptops on Wednesday or Thursday. If that is successful we will add middle school students.

Posted by DCHASE On 06 December, 2017 at 12:19 PM