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New Internet Filter: Moving Forward with a Different Internet Filter 

Lafayette Meadows is now all working after resetting many iPads.

Covington elementary is now all working after resetting many iPads.
Others elementary schools are working on their iPads.

Found a bug in the Lightspeed internet filter mobile filter iPad app. Moving back to using a proxy for filtering. Steps involve resetting network on the iPads. If that doesn't work we need to reset the iPad entirely.

We are working on an issue where iPads are connecting then disconnecting from Lightspeed internet filter. Students must login constantly.

Working to get the software agents installed on all devices so they can go home for grades K-8.

Sent out the user and mobile filter agents/software to remainder of students.
As of 1:30, all but 800 had been installed successfully.
K-8 did not send devices home until we can get more installed.

Testing went very well so we sent out the user and mobile filter agents to all HS students.

Installed user and mobile filter agents onto a handful of test student users for testing this evening.

Configuration completed and SACS started filtering at 1:00 p.m.
Email was sent out on what teachers and students needed to do.
Going to purple.com to disassociate with iBoss and login to Lightspeed.
Restarting computer was best to disassociate iBoss and get the Lightspeed captive portal login.

New internet filter arrived this morning as promised by Lightspeed. Configuration has started and should be usable sometime on Tuesday to start filtering with Lightspeed. 

Filter install on Homestead laptops on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Filter install on middle school laptops on Thursday so they can go home Thursday night. IF everything goes well at Homestead.
Filter install on elementary devices on Friday so they can go home Friday night. If everything goes well at Homestead and the middle schools. 


Yesterday SACS decided to cut ties with iBoss and move back to Lightspeed. The purchase order will go out today so we should be able to receive the new hardware on Monday and start configuring it. I don’t know how soon we can get this completed with a death in Mark East’s family. I’m working on contingency plans to complete the configuration as soon as possible. There are too many unknown variables to provide an exact date when devices can go back home but I will communicate the progress and let you know as soon as possible. 

At home filtering is a struggle for any internet filtering solution as we found out with iBoss. Many schools across the State of Indiana have had issues with filtering at home regardless of the filtering solution. There are a handful of school districts that have decided not to filter at home. A few have gone back to filtering at home on their devices when they didn’t initially for obvious reasons.

Once Lightspeed is running and students are taking home their laptops, CMT will do everything possible to ensure that internet filtering is working and reliable for our student use.

Thanks for your patience in this long process of troubleshooting iBoss. Contractual obligations required us to provide adequate time for iBoss to fix their solution. That time has passed so we are moving forward. 

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