2017 Expenditures per Student and Funding Sources 

The General (purple) portion of the graph below represents the General Fund only expenditures for calendar year 2017. 

The Operational (orange) portion of the graph represents local funds which need budget approval from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) which would include all property tax supported funds: Referendum, Capital Projects, Debt Service, Transportation, Bus Replacement.

The Other Local Funds (teal) portion of the graph represents all other funds held within the district including donations, State Grants, Federal Grants, etc.

Expenditures Per Student 2017

Funding Sources is quite simply a breaking down of where our revenues come from:

  • Blue – State Funding
  • Red – Local Taxes
  • Green – Local Taxes specific to the Referendum Fund
  • Yellow – Federal Funding

2017 Funding Sources Chart