Friendship Company - Before and After School Child Care

A childcare program offered by Southwest Allen County Schools to assist working parents by providing supervised care of school aged children before and after regular school hours.

Children enrolled in Southwest Allen County Schools K-5 are eligible to enroll in childcare services. Currently, childcare sites are located at Aboite, Covington and Whispering Meadows Elementary schools. Transportation is provided by the district to these locations if your child attends another elementary school.

Morning kindergarten students may participate in the before school program and afternoon kindergarten students may participate in the after school program. Unfortunately, the program does not provide childcare during the school day for kindergarten students.

Child Care Supervisor: Jennifer Hiester

Aboite Elementary
Serving Aboite, Haverhill and Lafayette Meadows

Covington Elementary

Whispering Meadows
Serving Whispering Meadows and Deer Ridge