World & Classical Languages

LANGUAGE is the clothing of thought, the skin of the soul. The mysterious entity of self is first expressed internally, in thoughts and feelings of various degrees of clarity; yet to give that self external expression, it must be "uttered"—made outward by being dressed in language. Just as clothing protects, adorns, interprets, and helps create the first impression of the body, the outer self, so language displays the inner self, giving shape to thought and feeling, defining yet covering them, significantly influencing others' perceptions of that self. Like a membrane, like skin, language simultaneously connects and divides self to and from others. The familiar metaphors of spinning yarns and weaving words, of text as textile, suggest the purpose of language as well as the intricate manner of its making.

--M. Teresa Tavormina

This curriculum for World and Classical Languages in Southwest Allen County Schools has been written and developed with the understanding that language acquisition is a cumulative process which naturally involves repetition, recycling, and review. Therefore, although the state standards appear in particular units, it is understood that these standards may reappear in other units throughout the course of the academic year.