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Safety Tips

School Buses - The Safest Way to get Kids to School

FACT: School buses are the safest mode of transportation for getting kids to and from school.

school bus safety

Bus Safety Tips For Students

Bus Stop
* Be on time to the bus stop.
* Be at your bus stop at least five minutes early.
* Stand back from the curb. 
* Stand in a safe place while waiting for your bus.
* Look for the bus driver's signal to cross.
* Look both ways after the driver's signal for traffic, then cross.

Danger Zone
* Stay at least 10 feet from the bus at all times.
* Never walk behind or along the sides of the bus.
* Yelling to other students outside the bus brings them into the danger zone.
* If you drop anything by the bus, tell the driver.
* Never try to pick up or reach under the bus for an item you dropped.

Bus Rules
* Never run to or from a bus.
* Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop.
* Walk on and off the bus.
* Do not push or shove.
* Do not throw items out the bus windows.
* Do not put hands, arms, etc. out the bus windows.
* Never ride with things in your mouth or hands.
* Keep all food, pens, toys, etc. in your book bag.
* Aisles should be kept clear of book bags, music instruments, etc.
* Be aware of clothing/book bags that may catch on the bus when entering or leaving.

Bus Etiquette
* Stay in your seat at all times.
* Your back should be touching the seat back with your book bag on your lap.
* Don't distract your driver.
* Talk softly on the bus.
* Yelling, shouting and moving are unsafe for you and the driver.
* Please obey the driver's directions for your safety.
* Respect yourself and others.