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Weather Related Decisions

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The safety of your child and all of our nearly 7,000 students is foremost in our minds and we trust that you understand that some disruptions in routines can occasionally result. Allen County is unique. Weather conditions in Lafayette Township may be different than weather conditions in Aboite Township. Also, fog affects driving conditions differently in various areas.


*Please know that we post all school delays and cancellations on our twitter page. Follow us at for all delays and cancellations.

  • A: The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for deciding if school is delayed or cancelled.

  • A: A team of school personnel drive throughout SACS district every morning. We are in constant contact with the National Weather Service, state and local police, highway departments and talk to area school district officials. If inclement weather appears during the night, we attempt to make necessary announcements by 5:30 a.m. and no later than 6:00 a.m. We will always attempt to let parents know as soon as we can make a decision that best serves the safety of our students, parents and staff.

  • A: We post closings and/or delays on our corporation website, and on all local TV and many radio stations. We also send a tweet to all those who follow us on twitter.

  • A: Although we view an early dismissal (during the school day) as the least viable alternative, please be advised that adverse weather could force the closing of schools during the day. We will avoid this decision whenever possible because parents are often away from home. However, please be prepared if this situation occurs. Parents should monitor the weather and postings about early dismissal.

  • A: Regardless of the extent of our road evaluations, bus drivers may need to avoid portions of a route because of a perceived threat to safety. Drivers are instructed to make those decisions and we are depending upon your support of their judgment. If we are unable to provide morning bus service, children may make up their schoolwork. We must also be prepared to return children to school if severe road problems develop after dismissal.

  • A: School official consider student drivers (often the least experienced drivers) and parents who transport their children. If conditions are dangerous, precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of everyone on the road.

  • A: We have many students who walk to bus stops and to school. We must consider the safety of these students. For example, if we have a large amount of snow, we must have places for students to stand while waiting for the bus. Also, in very cold weather, we must consider students walking to school or waiting for buses. Some buses may have mechanical difficulties and therefore cause students to wait longer at bus stops.

  • A: When the weather dips below -20 wind chill, school officials may cancel school. This would depend upon the forecast and the probability of the temperature rising quickly. Our SACS bus drivers are among the most reliable and child caring public employees in Indiana. Their driving record and our bus fleet service rank exceptionally high. Please know our entire staff considers your children's safety as the utmost public trust.