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Internet at Home

 Low Cost Internet At Home

Access to free internet can be vital for individuals who may not have reliable internet connections at home. Here are a few options for free internet access in Indiana:

  • Indiana public libraries: Many public libraries in Indiana offer free internet access to residents. You can visit your local library and inquire about their policies for using computers and accessing the internet. Allen County Public Libraries offers Wi-Fi hotspots that you can use within their premises or even check out for home use. 

  • Wi-Fi hotspots: Various locations throughout Indiana provide free Wi-Fi hotspots that you can access with your own device. These locations may include public parks, community centers, cafes, restaurants, and shopping malls. Check with your local municipality or businesses in your area to find out if they offer free Wi-Fi.

  • Connect2Compete: Connect2Compete is a nationwide program that aims to provide affordable internet access and devices to low-income families. Eligible households can sign up for low-cost internet plans through participating service providers. To see if you qualify and find a provider in your area, visit the Connect2Compete website at

  • Lifeline Assistance Program: The Lifeline Assistance Program is a federal program that offers discounted or free phone and internet services to qualifying low-income individuals and families. Eligibility is based on income or participation in certain government assistance programs. To learn more and see if you qualify, visit the Lifeline Support website at

  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) programs: Some internet service providers offer low-cost or free internet plans for eligible low-income households. Examples of ISPs that participate in such programs include Comcast's Internet Essentials Check with local ISPs in your area to see if they have similar initiatives.

  • The Indiana Broadband Office assists residents in need of affordable and reliable broadband connectivity. This mission of reaching Hoosiers where they live, work and play is accomplished by communicating with stakeholders, providing resources to a diverse audience and leveraging established relationships with elected officials, associations and providers.

Remember to review the specific eligibility criteria and terms of each program or service to determine which option suits your needs best. Additionally, government and non-profit organizations in Indiana may periodically introduce new initiatives or programs to provide free internet access, so staying updated with local news and resources is beneficial.

Filtering At Home

We want to provide you with information about at-home filtering options to create a safer online environment for your children. Please note that school-issued devices already have a filter installed to help protect students while using these devices. 

NOTE: SACS does not authorize or provide support for any of these solutions. This is for informational purposes only.

For additional filtering options at home, consider the following:

  • Contact your ISP: Inquire about parental control or filtering options provided by your Internet Service Provider.

  • Router-level Filtering: Check your router's settings for built-in filtering capabilities.

  • Parental Control Software: Examples include:

  • Web Browsers with Parental Controls: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox offer built-in features.

  • DNS Filtering Services: OpenDNS and CleanBrowsing provide content filtering.

Please maintain open communication with your child, teach them internet safety, and regularly monitor their online activities.