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Employee Badges

At SACS, we prioritize the safety and security of our students, staff, and premises. That's why we have a comprehensive Employee Badge program that plays a vital role in maintaining a secure environment. With our School Employee Badge, you can proudly display your affiliation with our institution while contributing to the safety measures we have in place.

Why is your Employee Badge important? By wearing your badge at all times while on campus, you actively participate in upholding our security protocols. Each badge is equipped with advanced technology that allows us to monitor access points, ensuring only authorized individuals enter our premises. This helps create a safe and protected learning environment for everyone.

To maximize the effectiveness of our Employee Badge program, it is crucial to keep track of your badge at all times. Your badge is your key to accessing various areas of the school, and losing it could compromise the security measures we have established. We kindly remind you to safeguard your badge and report any loss or theft immediately to our Human Resources department.

We understand that issues can arise concerning your Employee Badge, such as malfunctioning or damaged cards. In such cases, we encourage you to reach out to our dedicated Human Resources team. They are available to assist you with any concerns or inquiries related to your badge. Simply contact our HR department, and they will guide you through the necessary steps to resolve the issue promptly.

Together, let's prioritize the safety and security of our educational community. By wearing your School Employee Badge proudly and responsibly, you actively contribute to the well-being of our school. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our institution a safe place to learn, teach, and grow.