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Summer Reading Titles and Assignment

Welcome to Honors English 9 Summer Reading Program 2023!
Students are required to read ONE book from the following list and complete the assignment listed below. 

*Mature Content Statement:

Please talk with your child about what he or she plans to read. We are sensitive to appropriate reading material, but also recognize that what is appropriate varies widely by family. Most are concerned only that their children be able to find something motivating to read and have no restrictions on what they allow. Others have objections, for instance to the horror genre.

We ask that if you have concerns about what your child reads, please stay aware of his or her summer reading book and assist in gauging the content and maturity level you would like to maintain with your child. While all the books on the list are deemed to have strong literary merit and are valuable additions to Homestead’s curriculum, books that include content that some may find sensitive to young adults are marked as mature content. Your child may switch books at any time if he or she becomes uncomfortable with the material.

The Assignment  

Main characters are developed not just through their own words and actions, but also through the other characters in a text. characters who might be considered minor are included in the text because the author has a specific purpose for their effect on the protagonist. As you read your chosen book, specifically annotate how the author develops the main character through his or her interactions with other characters, specifically those considered minor. 

Please contact the head of the Homestead High School English Department, Nicole Vickrey, at if you have any questions.