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Southwest Education Advocates

Posted Date: 8/25/23 (4:32 PM)

SACS families,
The foundation of a successful education system is built upon the collective efforts of parents, educators, students, and community members. We invite you to partner with SACS and apply to be a Southwest Education Advocate  Class of 2024. Whether you are a parent, employee, community member or graduate, we are looking for individuals who are committed to the mission, vision, beliefs, and goals of SACS, and have an interest in lending their voice to the students, teachers, and staff of Southwest Allen County Schools (SACS) to promote student achievement and community engagement. The application opens today and is accessible by clicking here. 

As a Southwest Education Advocate, you will gain insight into every aspect of the district’s daily operations. This includes, but is not limited to, academics, student services, business operations, transportation, and food services. This comprehensive exposure will lead to a deeper understanding of the district’s endeavors, its unique culture, and the wide range of educational excellence and opportunities that our district proudly offers.  

The application to be considered for the Southwest Education Advocates Class of 2024 is now open through September 11. Advocates should be passionate about education and can commit to meeting on all nine dates listed below.  Further information about the topics and activities to be covered this year can be found on our website.

Graduates of the Advocate program become collaborative partners in spreading SACS’ vision across the community, generating awareness, and supporting the district’s efforts to prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s opportunities.

The Class of 2024 Southwest Education Advocates will be announced in late September.

Thank you for your consideration. Enjoy your weekend.